Expedition Yeti


February 2nd - March 1st

Over four weeks, there will be stuffed Yeti placed around the designated weekly park.  Each Yeti will hold a letter.  There will be a weekly riddle to solve by unscrambling the letters that the Yeti are holding. The total number of Yeti in each park will correspond to the number of letters in the answer to the weekly riddle. Download the official answer sheet below and Email Recreation your weekly answer by  9:00 a.m. each Wednesday. Each correct submission will be entered into a weekly drawing for a small prize. 

  • Congrats to Week #1 Winner - Bridget B.
  • Congrats to Week #2 Winner - Sara L.
  • Congrats to Week #3 Winner - Courtney D.
  • Congrats to Week #4 Winner - Barbara D.
  • Congrats to Yeti's Special Message Winner - Brian K.
  • Weekly & Final Expedition Yeti Answers

Thank you for participating. See you again next year!


  • February 2 – February 7 / Mississippi Crossings
  • February 9 – February 14 / Richardson Park
  • February 16 – February 21 / Highpointe Park
  • February 23 – February 28 / Andrews Park

Please play fair & leave the Yeti & letters in place for other hunters to find each week.    


At the end of the four weeks, unscramble all the green-box letters on your answer sheet to decipher Yeti’s special message.  Submit that answer by 9:00 a.m. on March 1st to be entered into the grand prize drawing. Although you don’t need to participate each week to be eligible to solve the final message, it is very helpful!

Prizes Vary: Restaurant Gift Cards, Yeti Tumblers, Stuffed Yeti, Movie Passes