Expedition Yeti

THE HUNT RETURNS | February 1st -29th

Expedition Yeti Cover 2024

The 2024 adventure will run February 1st - 29th. During the return of this free family event, participants will run through local parks to find Yeti and use the letters he's holding to solve weekly riddles. There will be stuffed Yeti placed around designated weekly parks.  Each Yeti will hold a letter.  There will be a weekly riddle to solve by unscrambling the letters. The total number of Yeti in each park will correspond to the number of letters in the answer to the weekly riddle. Download the official answer sheet on the first day of the hunt and email recreation your weekly answer by 4:30pm each Tuesday in February. Each correct submission will be entered into a weekly drawing for a small prize.  View rules here.

2024 Answer Sheet

Week #1 Clue 

Week #2 Clue

Week #3 Clue

Week #4 Clue


  • February 1 – February 6 | Jerry Ruppelius Athletic Complex
  • February 8 – February 13  | Northland Park
  • February 15 – February 20 | Andrews Park
  • February 22 – February 27 | Brittany Park

*Please play fair. Leave Yeti and the letters in place for other hunters to find.    


At the end of the four weeks, unscramble all the green-box letters on your answer sheet to decipher Yeti’s special message.  Submit that answer by 9am on February 28th to be entered into the grand prize drawing. The winner will be announced on February 29th. Although you don’t need to participate each week to be eligible to solve the final message, it is very helpful!

*Prizes vary between gift cards, tumblers, stuffed Yeti, movie passes, etc.


  • Week #1 Winner -  The Nowariak Family
  • Week #2 Winner -  Zech Family
  • Week #3 Winner -  Kate Basavage
  • Week #4 Winner - 
  • Yeti's Special Message Winner -