Advertising Opportunities


The Ice Forum is home to Champlin Park High School Hockey and the Champlin Park Youth Hockey Association. Additionally, many skate programs, sectional playoff games, tournaments, and clinics are hosted at the rink. Athletes and patrons visit our facility multiple times a week and spend an average of two hours per visit in the presence of advertisements. Community members are also extremely loyal to the businesses and organizations that support our local ice rink. By purchasing space, you show dedication to keeping your dollars local and enrich our community. Even though fans are consistent, visiting fans provide advertisers a constantly changing audience. In fact, games are streamed online giving your ad even more exposure. Support your community, celebrate hockey and advertise your business at the Ice Forum. 


All production costs are included in pricing. Artwork and desired print must be provided. For more information regarding advertising opportunities at the rink call 763-923-7132 or email Nate.

Dasherboard | 33" x 8' 

These advertisements are on the boards that surround the rink.

  • Dasherboard ExampleSingle (seen from one side)
    • One year - $800
    • Three years - $2100
    • Five years - $3100
  • Double (seen from both sides)
    • One year - $1200Dashboard from far away
    • Three years - $2800
    • Five years - $4000

Wall | 4'x8'

These advertisements are located above the home and visitor stands on the wall directly across from viewing areas.Wall ExampleWall Example

  • One year - $800
  • Three years - $2100
  • Five years - $3100


These advertisements are located on the scoreboard and will be seen by all.

  • Main ExampleMain
    • One year - $1000
    • Three years - $2500

  • Secondary ExampleSecondary
    • One year - $800
    • Three years - $2100

In-Ice Logo

Imagine your logo, front and center. With an in-ice advertisement you're in the middle of the action. Logo size and location varies. These advertisements are installed every two years. In-ice Logo Example

  • Two years - $3500

Ice Resurfacer

These advertisements appear on the Zamboni. Each time it makes a pass around the rink between games and practices your ad is seen. Zamboni Example

  • Four years - $4500

*For more information regarding advertising at the rink call 763-923-7132 or email Nate.