Floodplain Information

The City of Champlin completed the Elm Creek Dam and the other flood reduction improvements which have remove approximately 60 acres of land area from the Elm Creek Floodplain. The approval of the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) has initiated the final revision to the Flood Insurance Rate Map by FEMA. It became effective February 16, 2018. The LOMR is the proof that property owners should provide to their Lender and Insurance Provider indicating that their property may no longer be in the 1% (100- Year) Floodplain. However, other properties along the Elm Creek may require additional surveys to determine if their home if impacted by the 1% Chance (100 –Year) Floodplain. 

Click on this link to review the current FEMA flood maps to see if your property may be in the floodplains.

If you have any additional questions regarding the Elm Creek Dam, Flood Reduction Improvements of the LOMR process, please contact Heather Nelson.