Street Maintenance

Boulevard Maintenance

The boulevard areas of City-owned right-of-way adjacent to single and two-family properties shall be maintained by the adjacent property owners. Such maintenance shall meet the following: the ground cover on front yard/side yard boulevard areas shall be similar to the majority of the front yard area, the ground cover must be approved by City staff, ground cover may not at any time, exceed 8 inches in height, and must not include any noxious weeds.

Catch Basin Maintenance

The City asks that residents notify the Public Works Department at 763-421-2820 of plugged or blocked catch basins in the streets and that they also avoid raking leaves/debris into these areas.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing of all City streets is part of the City's Pavement Improvement Management Program. Each year selected streets will be inspected and crack sealed as needed.

Right-of-Way Intrusions

The City will not be responsible for items, such as fences, timbers, posts, landscaping, and sprinkler systems located in the boulevard. Any items damaged within the City right-of-way as a result of snow removal would be the responsibility of the property owner, with the exception of the turf damage caused by snow plowing.

Missing or Damaged Signage

The City asks that residents call the Public Works Department at Phone Number: 763-421-2820 to report any missing or damaged signs within the City.