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The City has organized weekly garbage collection. The City contract is with Champlin Refuse Inc. (CRI), a consortium of two companies, each assigned to a specific territory. This program only covers single-family homes through four-unit townhouses. Owners of larger residential complexes and commercial buildings are required to contract directly with a service provider for garbage and recycling services.

Homeowners can sign up for online or direct payment of their utility bills. For more information visit the Pay Utility Bill Online page.


Republic Services now includes legacy Randy’s and Walz customers.  View the maps below for day of service and recycling week. 

Residents should contact haulers directly for immediate service questions such as a missed pick-up or if the cart wasn’t fully emptied.

  • Republic Services: 320-252-9608

2023 Republic Services Calendar Opens in new window

  • ACE: 763-427-31102022 ACE Schedule in PDF with a view of each areas day of trash service and recycling week. Opens in new window

Service Questions

The city processes the billing for the refuse and recycling program and as a result, you are asked to contact Utility Billing at (763) 923-7135 when setting up new service, moving out of your home, or changing cart sizes.  If your cart becomes damaged or lost, fill out our online form Replace/Exchange my Refuse Bin or email Utility Billing. Residents get one free replacement per year. Additional replacements are $20.

Bin Dimensions

  • 35-gallon bin
    • Household size: 1-2 people
    • Cart Size: 19.7" wide x 26.3" deep x 36.5" tall
    • This cart can hold about: 2 garbage bags per week
  • 65-gallon bin
    • Household Size: 3-4 people
    • Cart Size: 24.4" wide x 27.5" deep x 41.5" tall
    • This cart can hold about: 5 garbage bags per week
  • 95-gallon bin
    • Household Size: 4+ people
    • Cart Size: 28" wide x 32.1" deep x 43.2" tall
    • This cart can hold about: 7 garbage bags per week

Cart Storage

Recycling and refuse containers must be properly stored in accordance with City Code Chapter 46-Solid Waste, Section 46-21(c). Carts may be stored inside, in the side yard, or in the back yard without screening. They may not be stored in the front yard. View sample drawings of cart placement options:

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