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If you have questions about the meeting schedule or an agenda item please email the City or call 763-923-7109.


  1. Ryan Karasek

    Ryan Karasek

    Phone: 763-421-8100, ext. 239
    Additional Phone: 612-210-5333

  1. Jessica Tesdall

    Jessica Tesdall

    Ward 1
    Phone: 763-421-8100, ext. 237
    Additional Phone: 651-336-2047

  1. Tom Moe

    Tom Moe

    Ward 2
    Phone: 763-421-8100, ext. 228
    Additional Phone: 612-991-8303

  1. Nate Truesdell

    Nate Truesdell

    Ward 3
    Phone: 763-421-8100, ext. 238
    Additional Phone: 612-386-1036

  1. Ryan Sabas

    Ryan Sabas

    Ward 4
    Phone: 763-421-8100, ext. 229

City Structure

Champlin is legally established under the laws of Minnesota. The City Council is the policy-making body of the city government. It is the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council to make legislative decisions based upon the power and duties of the City as prescribed by the State Statute. The Mayor is the presiding officer and a regular member of the City Council and has all the powers and duties of a council member in addition to those of the Mayor.

Mayor and City Council: Major Areas of Authority and Responsibility

  • To judge the qualification and election of its own members and to set and interpret rules governing its own proceedings.
  • To exercise all the powers of cities which the law does not delegate to some specific official or to an independent board or commission.
  • To legislate for the city, and to direct the enforcement of city ordinances. To appoint administrative personnel and appoint or approve the appointment of individuals to administrative, advisory boards, and commissions.
  • To transact city business including the city's intergovernmental affairs. To manage the city's financial operations which includes the levying of taxes, preparation of budgets, auditing expenditures, borrowing money, and designation of depositories.
  • To protect the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.
  • To provide community leadership.

Open Forums

The City Council holds an Open Forum during the beginning of each meeting which allows residents an opportunity to address the Council regarding issues or concerns. The issues are generally researched by staff, and a report is made to the City Council at their next regular meeting. If you have questions about the meeting process please contact us by email or call 763-923-7109.

Proposed Ordinances

You can view the complete City Code online. If there are any proposed ordinances scheduled for action they will be posted below. If you have any questions or comments regarding a proposed ordinance please email the executive assistant/city clerk or call 763-923-7109. 

Scheduled for Reading and/or Adoption

12-Month Moratorium on the Retail of THC Products

At their meeting on July 25, 2022, City Council took action to approve an Interim Ordinance placing a 12-month moratorium on the sale, testing, manufacturing and distribution of THC products.  The ordinance imposes a one-year moratorium on the retail sale of THC-infused edibles and drinks within the City of Champlin. The purpose of the moratorium is to provide sufficient time for staff to study the issues related to the potential sale of THC related product.

Our Vision

The City of Champlin is a welcoming, safe, thriving community with great neighborhoods, a variety of natural amenities, convenient shopping, and excellent schools. #LivChamplin

Our Mission

To provide for the stability and security of our community and its residents through guided quality growth, innovation, and the efficient use of resources.

Our Values

  • Trust: Confidence in the ability and character of our colleagues
  • Honesty: Be sincere and truthful in our work
  • Integrity: Be committed to our values
  • Fun: Be serious about our work without taking ourselves too seriously
  • Accountability: Be responsible for our actions