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Trunk Highway 169 Improvement Projects

There are two separate projects happening concurrently on Trunk Highway 169. Present construction will continue to occur until fall 2018.  Final blacktop touch-ups, lighting and landscaping will occur spring 2019.

(1) The City of Champlin, in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), is replacing the northbound and southbound Elm Creek bridges and will be resurfacing the highway between East Hayden Lake Road and the Mississippi River.  A portion of West River Road will be resurfaced and will be closed until fall 2018.

(2) MnDOT is resurfacing the highway between East Hayden Lake Road in Champlin and Highway 610 in Brooklyn Park.

For more about the T.H. 169 Improvement Projects please contact:

Tim Hanson, Champlin City Engineer 763-923-7105

Kent Barnard, MnDOT Communications and Engagement Department 651-234-7504

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OCTOBER 4, 2018

Final roadway striping and landscaping activities will occur through mid-October, weather permitting. Travelers can expect to continue to see temporary non-peak lane closures on northbound and southbound T.H. 169 from the Mississippi River to T.H. 610.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

Hwy 169 event postponed

We wanted to let you know that the Hwy 169 celebration planned tomorrow, Wed, Sept. 19 at Andrews Park in Champlin has been postponed due to unexpected inclement weather. Thank you for your understanding!

SEPTEMBER 14, 2018

Southbound traffic on Highway 169 from West River Road to Highway 610 will remain single-lane until sometime next week.  There could be intermediate, off-peak lane closures within the northbound lanes of Highway 169 from Highway 610 to the Mississippi River. We are SO CLOSE!


The entire length of northbound Highway 169 is open to two lanes of traffic.  Short term (day time) lane restrictions may be in place for the following two weeks during the day in between rush hours.

Southbound Highway 169 has two lanes of traffic from the Mississippi River Bridge to West River Road/Dean Avenue.  Southbound traffic is then restricted to a single lane from south of West River Road to Highway 610.  These lane restrictions will remain into next week.

AUGUST 30, 2018

Traffic on Highway 169 will be restored to four lanes from the Mississippi River to Dean Avenue at noon on Friday, August 31. The section of Highway 169 from Dean Avenue to Hayden Lake Road will remain single-lane traffic. On the southern portion of the project, MnDOT is hopeful that both Northbound lanes of Highway 169 from Hayden Lake Road down to Highway 610 will also be opened to traffic this Friday. However, southbound traffic on this stretch of the highway will remain single-lane. The entire project is very close to completion!

AUGUST 21, 2018


Starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight (Tuesday, August 21), Highway 169 traffic from Hayden Lake Road to Highway 610 will be switched to one lane in each direction on the appropriate side of the highway.

During this time, each intersection in this area will be a four-way stop with blinking red signal lights. Signal systems will return to normal before the morning rush hour on Wednesday, August 22. Please plan for increased delays during evening travel.

AUGUST 16, 2018

Currently, both northbound and southbound TH 169 traffic is traveling head-to-head in the two northbound lanes of the highway. During the afternoon of Sunday, August 19th 2018, southbound TH 169 traffic will be switched back over to a single lane on the southbound lanes of the highway. Northbound TH 169 traffic will remain in a single lane on the northbound lanes of the highway.

 The traffic switch will result in the closure of the median at the Dean Avenue intersection. This closure will not affect southbound TH 169 traffic, but northbound TH 169 traffic will need to access Dean Avenue via a left turn onto Dayton Road followed by a left turn onto Cartway Road. Please see detour map below for more details.

 The TH 169 intersection at West River Road and will remain closed to traffic.

AUGUST 14, 2018

Friendly public reminder: traffic is still restricted to a single lane in each direction through the T.H. 169 project area and will remain this way into September 2018. Please consider the safety of the construction workers and other drivers and follow the work zone speed limit of 45 miles per hour.

AUGUST 3, 2018

“The pouring of the barrier walls on the north side of the pedestrian underpass is coming along nicely.”

JULY 27, 2018

West River Road Closure:

Work occurring at the Elm Creek Dam that will cause a one-week hard closure of West River Road on Saturday, July 28th.  No traffic will be allowed to cross the Elm Creek Dam bridge during this time.  Alternate route will be by Miller Road and T.H. 169.

 Construction Update:

Progress on T.H. 169 continues at a rapid pace and there are signs of completion not being too far down the road.  Underground construction work is nearly complete for the entire project including trenching in drain tile.  Grading of the north bound lanes is also nearing completion.  The installation of concrete curb and gutter for the north bound lanes is scheduled for the week of August 6th followed by paving of the northbound lanes the week of August 13th. 

 The bridge deck for the bridge over the Elm Creek will also be worked as well as the pouring of the barrier walls on the north side of the pedestrian underpass (depicted in image).

Other Area Work:

Work on Applewood Pointe is progressing and on schedule.  Crews are now placing the roof trusses and roof sheathing and will soon be framing and installing plumbing and mechanical to the building. Residents can expect to see continue deliver vehicles near the construction site.

JULY 26, 2018

The Trunk Highway 169 project will leave our City with more walkable and bikeable intersections and a beautiful pedestrian underpass. These improvements are coming soon and the project is on schedule!

JULY 18, 2018

Intersection Openings & Closures:

This Friday, July 20th (subject to change), the TH 169 intersections of 117th Ave N, 109th Ave N, and East Hayden Lake Rd will be open to traffic.

 On Monday, July 23rd, the T.H. 169/114th Ave N intersection is scheduled to be closed. Then, on Wednesday, July 25th, the east side of the T.H. 169/120th Ave N intersection will be closed. Please follow detours shown below.

JUNE 29, 2018

Intersection Closure:

The east side of the Hayden Lake Road intersection will be closed on Monday, July 9th for two weeks. Please follow the detour below.

 The Big Switcheroo:

Trunk Highway (TH) 169 traffic was switched from the northbound lanes to the southbound lanes last night from Highway 610 to Hayden Lake Road. Every traffic signal at each TH 169 intersection was changed to flashing red. Though a major construction milestone, the traffic switching will go unnoticed by the majority of the traveling public. The remaining TH 169 traffic from Hayden Lake Road to the Mississippi River will be switched during the evening of Friday, July 6th.

JUNE 19, 2018

The T.H. 169 project is progressing and on schedule for a fall completion. The City of Champlin appreciates your patients through this construction season. Safer drives down the highway are coming soon!


Traffic Impacts

Currently, the project has the following T.H. 169 intersections open to all traffic:  120th Ave N, 117th Ave N,  109th Avenue N, and Elm Creek Parkway; and the following T.H. 169 intersections closed: Hayden Lake Rd.

JUNE 18, 2018

Traffic Impacts

The contractor has set a tentative date of June 25th for T.H. 169 traffic to be switched from the northbound lanes to the southbound lane, south of Dean Avenue.

 The Dayton Road and T.H. 169 intersection was opened last Friday, June 15th.   The western side of the Hayden Lake Rd/T.H. 169 intersection was closed on Monday, June 18th at 6:00 am. The length of this closure is yet to be determined.  Please follow detour below.


Crews have been making great progress pouring the foundation for the pedestrian underpass retaining wall footings.


Other T.H. 169 Work:

Construction of the T.H. 169 bridge continues with the pouring of the bridge deck and barrier walls. Storm sewer is being installed within the section of south bound T.H. 169 between Dowlin Street  and Dayton Road.  This area is also being graded and will have pavement base, curb and gutter installed next week. 

 The contractor completed watermain adjustments and most of the storm sewer along Miller Road this week.  The current schedule is to resume work on Miller Road on Thursday, June 21st.  Grading of Miller Road and River Entry is also scheduled for next week.  The access to East River Parkway from West River Road will remain open.

 Other Area Projects: Applewood Point

Weis Builders completed much of the parking lot and access drive for the Applewood Point site.  Additional site work is scheduled for the weeks of July 2nd and July 9th.  This work will include excavation, trucking and grading along the perimeter of the site. Building construction continues with walls and trusses.  Deliveries of one larger truck per day will continue for the near future.

JUNE 1, 2018

Check out this great shot of the Elm Creek bridge deck forming.

 The intersection of Elm Creek Parkway and T.H. 169 will be closed Monday, June 4th for two weeks. Please see detour below.

MAY 29, 2018

Elm Creek Parkway has been temporarily reopened for the remaining of the week. It will be closed again on Monday, June 4th.

MAY 21, 2018

Traffic Impacts: The Dayton Road closure has started today between Cartway Road and T.H. 169. The detour route is:

  • From the north – Dayton Road to French Lake Road to Elm Creek Crossing/Hayden Lake Road to T.H. 169.
  • From the south – Hayden Lake Road/Elm Creek Crossing to French Lake Road to Dayton Road.

Temporary traffic control has been installed at the French Lake Road and Elm Creek Crossing intersection to help with traffic flow.  Please give yourself extra time to reach your destination during the closure. Dayton Road will reopen by mid-June, weather permitting.

Please see map below.

MAY 9, 2018

Intersection Closure: The west side of the intersection at 120th Avenue and T.H. 169 will be closed on Monday, May 14th. The length of this closure is yet to be determined. Please follow the detours indicated on the maps below.

MAY 4, 2018

Traffic Impacts
Hayden Lake Road and Hwy 169 intersection will NOT be closed on May 8th due to a contractor postponement.

Traffic along T.H. 169 from the Mississippi River to Hwy. 610 will be shifted to head-to-head, single-lane traffic in the northbound lanes starting Monday, May 7th, 2018.  Traffic will be shifted over to the newly constructed southbound lanes during mid-summer and will be single-lane until the completion of the project in fall 2018.

APRIL 20, 2018

Work on the Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Project from Hayden Lake Road to Hwy 610 will resume on Monday, April 23rd. Travelers can expect temporary non-peak closures in both directions of T.H. Hwy 169.  Due to the frost that remains on the ground, and the potential for spring flooding of the Mill Pond, the replacement of the southbound Elm Creek bridge just north of East Hayden Lake Road is now slated to begin on Monday, May 7th.  Once the bridge work begins, travelers can expect single lane traffic on T.H. Hwy 169 between East Hayden Lake Road and the Mississippi River. 

APRIL 9, 2018

Lane Closures: 

Work on the Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation (CPR) Project from Hayden Lake Road to Trunk Hwy 610 will resume the week of April 9th.

From April 9th to April 30 there will be temporary lane closures on T.H. 169, primarily on the north bound lanes.  There will also be some days of lane closures for the south bound lanes.  During this time the temporary traffic signals and turn lane at 117th Avenue will be constructed.

The contractor will try to complete the turn lanes the week of April 17, however; they are not very optimistic on being able to complete the work due to current frost conditions and the weather forecast. They also have a lot of traffic control facilities to install prior to being able to switch the traffic over to head to head.

The northern reconstruction project (from Hayden Lake Road to Mississippi River) will be placing T.H. 169 traffic head-to-head on April 23rd. This will result in one week of 4- lane traffic into Champlin up to Hayden Lake Road.  On April 30th the CPR project will be placing traffic head to head on the north bound lanes.

A schedule for intersection closures is not yet available. The contractors have indicated they will be closing intersections from north to south and they are very aware that Hayden Lake Road and Dayton Road cannot be closed at the same time.

QCTV recorded the March 21st T.H. 169 Project Open House presentation. The video can be found here:

Never Have to Cross Hwy 169 Again!
Check out these great shots of the pedestrian/bike underpass. 

MARCH 15, 2018

Start seeing orange! As we move towards warmer weather – you’ll begin to notice construction advancing on T.H. 169. We’re hoping to do everything we can to inform you of the project progress and delays that you can expect as summer nears.  

MARCH 1, 2018

T.H. 169 Update

  • Plan for Delays!
  • Plan for Inconveniences!
  • Plan for Cut-Through Traffic in Your Neighborhood!

Champlin is a great City and our residents are part of what makes it great! We want to keep our residents informed of the potential for increased traffic in your neighborhoods as project progress is made on T.H. 169. Although inconvenient, we assure you the completion of the T.H. 169 project is valuable to our City’s infrastructure and just like you, we are looking forward to its completion.

 FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Work on retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass continues on the south side of T.H. 169.  The contractor placed the form for the retaining wall around the opening for the pedestrian underpass.  Construction work is scheduled to continue at this location until the end of February.

Short term lane closures will be occurring on the east lane of North bound T.H. 169 at the Elm Creek Crossing Bridge.  Private utilities are being relocated so they are not impacted by construction.  This work is scheduled to continue for two weeks.  The short term lane closure may be in place from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  East Hayden Lake Road, east of T.H. 169, will have a lane closure sometime this week.  Watch for advance warning signs.

JANUARY 30, 2018

T.H. 169 construction crews have been working hard over the winter constructing the retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass near the Animal Hospital.  Road construction is set for early April and will start with tearing down one side of the Elm Creek Bridge and tearing up the T.H. 169 pavement from East Hayden Lake Rd to Hwy. 610.  Traffic will be shifted into a single lane in each direction on the side of the highway not under construction. 

DECEMBER 4, 2017


The T.H. 169 construction crews have begun building the retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass.  The attached image depicts the construction of the aggregate base.  Upon completion of this work, the footings for the wall will be installed.  Other work on the project includes the construction of storm sewer pipe extending from the Mississippi River to the highway along East River Entry.  Traffic detours will remain as they currently are being utilized to complete this work.

Project Layout Map 2

 NOVEMBER 17, 2017

The T.H. 169 project temporary lanes, located north of Elm Creek, were constructed this past weekend. The relocating of traffic to these temporary lanes will allow underground construction to be completed along the south side of T.H. 169. This roadway alignment will remain in place until the spring of 2018.

West River Road was closed on Monday, October 23, 2017 from Hennepin Landing northwest to T.H. 169.  The detour route is Hayden Lake Road to T.H. 169.