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MARCH 15, 2018

Start seeing orange! As we move towards warmer weather – you’ll begin to notice construction advancing on Highway 169. We’re hoping to do everything we can to inform you of the project progress and delays that you can expect as summer nears.  

MARCH 1, 2018

Hwy 169 Update

  • Plan for Delays!
  • Plan for Inconveniences!
  • Plan for Cut-Through Traffic in Your Neighborhood!

Champlin is a great City and our residents are part of what makes it great! We want to keep our residents informed of the potential for increased traffic in your neighborhoods as project progress is made on Highway 169. Although inconvenient, we assure you the completion of the Highway 169 project is valuable to our City’s infrastructure and just like you, we are looking forward to its completion.  Project updates and progress can be found on our website along with information on our upcoming Open House – your chance to ask questions and get answers!

Please join us at our next Open House on March 21st from 4-7pm (5:15 Presentation) at the Champlin Ice Forum.

Project Website: https://ci.champlin.mn.us/th169/

 FEBRUARY 13, 2018

Hwy 169 Update

  • Plan for Inconveniences
  • Plan for Delays
  • Plan for Cut-Through Traffic in Your Neighborhood

Work on retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass continues on the south side of TH 169.  The contractor placed the form for the retaining wall around the opening for the pedestrian underpass.  Construction work is scheduled to continue at this location until the end of February.

Short term lane closures will be occurring on the east lane of North bound TH 169 at the Elm Creek Crossing Bridge.  Private utilities are being relocated so they are not impacted by construction.  This work is scheduled to continue for 2 weeks.  The short term lane closure may be in place from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  East Hayden Lake Road, east of TH 169, will have a lane closure sometime this week.  Watch for advance warning signs.

 Details for the March Open House are being finalized, please stay tuned.

 For more information, visit: https://ci.champlin.mn.us/th169/

JANUARY 30, 2018

What’s with all this construction?!?

 Hwy 169 crews have been working hard over the winter constructing the retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass near the Animal Hospital.  Road construction is set for early April and will start with tearing down one side of the Elm Creek Bridge and tearing up the Hwy 169 pavement from East Hayden Lake Rd to Hwy 610.  Traffic will be shifted into a single lane in each direction on the side of the highway not under construction. 

 Stay tuned for details on the upcoming March Open House. For more info and contact information, visit https://ci.champlin.mn.us/th169/

DECEMBER 4, 2017


The HWY 169 construction crews have begun building the retaining walls for the pedestrian underpass.  The attached image depicts the construction of the aggregate base.  Upon completion of this work, the footings for the wall will be installed.  Other work on the project includes the construction of storm sewer pipe extending from the Mississippi River to the highway along East River Entry.  Traffic detours will remain as they currently are being utilized to complete this work.

  If you have any questions, please feel free to the hotline at 763-231-4842. Tim Hanson the City Engineer can also be reached at 763-923-7105

Project Layout Map 2

 NOVEMBER 17, 2017

The T.H. 169 project temporary lanes, located north of Elm Creek, were constructed this past weekend (November 17th, 18th, & 19th). The relocating of traffic to these temporary lanes will allow underground construction to be completed along the south side of T.H. 169. This roadway alignment will remain in place until the spring of 2018.

If you have questions or comments call the Champlin Project Hotline at 763-231-4842.

West River Road was closed on Monday, October 23, 2017 from Hennepin Landing northwest to Trunk Highway 169.  The road will remain closed until next summer.  The detour route is Hayden Lake Road to TH 169.