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Champlin Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is the planning agency for the City of Champlin and has powers and duties as provided in Minnesota State Statutes, Chapter 462. It is an advisory commission to the City Council. The Commission holds public hearings as required in the Champlin Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance and Minnesota State Statutes. The Planning Commission meets the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers.

City Planner, Scott Schulte
(763) 923-7102
fax (763) 421-5256

Ward 1
Robert “R.J.” Thiel | Chair
13204 Yorktown Lane North
Term Expires 12/31/18

Ward 1
Dr. David Bouchard
225 East River Parkway
Term Expires 12/31/17

Ward 1
Rebeccah Parks
542 – 131st Avenue North
Term Expires 12-31-18

Ward 2
Matt Bolterman
10953 Fox Hollow Lane North
Term Expires 12/31/17

Ward 2 – Vacancy
Term Expires 12/31/19

Ward 3
Kathy Manemann
1200 Winnetka Avenue
Term Expires 12/31/19

Ward 3
Chad Darr
1524 Quebec Avenue North
Term Expires 12/31/18

Ward 4
Andy Headding
10949 River Pines Drive North
Term Expires 12/31/19

Ward 4
Tim LaCroix
11224 Louisiana Avenue North
Term Expires 12/31/17


Archive meeting minutes for previous years are available by contacting the City Planner Scott Schulte at 763-923-7102 or  

Planning Commission meeting broadcasts are available at