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The City has organized weekly garbage collection. The City contract is with Champlin Refuse Inc (CRI), a consortium of four companies, each assigned to a specific territory. This program only covers single family homes through four unit townhouses. Owners of larger residential complexes and commercial buildings are required to contract directly with a service provider for garbage and recycling services.

Garbage Hauler Map


A recycling cart is provided to all homeowners. Recyclable materials may be placed into the cart without sorting. If your cart becomes damaged or lost, please contact the Utility Billing Department for a replacement at (763) 923-7135 or 

View the Residential Recycling Guide 


Recycling is collected the same day of the week as your refuse; however, it is collected every other week. Recycling calendar’s are available via the City’s Utility Billing Department.


Please contact the Utility Billing Department to sign up for service at (763) 923-7135 or 


The following rates include Recycling, Yard Waste Drop-off Site, Hennepin County Service Fee and State Solid Waste Management Fee. The rates are based on the size of your garbage cart. You may have any of the three recycling cart sizes or an additional cart at no additional fee.

2019 RATES (Rates are amended annually at the first of the year)

  • Large Garbage Cart (Approximately 90 gallons) – $25.29
  • Medium Garbage Cart (Approximately 60 gallons) – $20.81
  • Small Garbage Cart (Approximately 30-gallons) – $16.32

Cart sizes vary by vendor and date of issue as the market trends change over time. This is why an approximate size is given for the three categories of cart sizes.


New Year’s Day – If you have service on Monday there will be no delay. If you have service on T-W-R-F service will be delayed by one day.

Memorial Day – Service Delayed One Day that whole week.

Independence Day – If you have service on M-T-W there is no delay. If you have service on Thursday or Friday service will be delayed by one day.

Labor Day – Service Delayed One Day that whole week.

Thanksgiving – If you have service on M-T-W there will be no delay. If you have service on Thursday or Friday service will be delayed by one day.

 Christmas Day – If you have service on Monday or Tuesday there will be no delay. If you have service on W-R-F service will be delayed by one day.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas tree recycling will be offered from 01-07-19 thru 01-18-19. Collection will be on the same day as your regular garbage pick-up (Note New Year’s Day holiday schedule). Please set your trees out without bags and remove all ornaments and tinsel. Call your hauler for special instructions if you have a flocked tree, as they are not picked up as part of the regular recycling program.


Recycling and refuse containers must be properly stored in accordance with City Code Chapter 46-Solid Waste, Section 46-21(c). Carts may be stored inside, in the side yard or the back yard without screening. They may not be stored in the front yard. View sample drawings of cart placement options:

Yard Waste Disposal: Three Options

Curbside Collection – Full Season

You may contract for curbside collection at a 2019 season annual cost of $59.72 which includes use of a cart. (Please notify the City if you are charged a fee other then $59.72 or are charge a fuel service fee as the City contract does not allow for additional fees.) Service will be available from April through November, weather permitting. Contact your hauler directly to sign up for this service. If you do not know which hauler you have been assigned, contact the Utility Billing Department at or 763-923-7135.



RANDY’S (T&L Sold to Randy’s in 2016)….763-972-3335

WALZ BROTHERS ….763-493-3474

Please leave room between your yard waste carts and refuse/recycling cart to allow the automatic arm to access the container (approximately three feet between containers.)

Curbside Collection – One Time Pick-up

Another option for curbside collection is to purchase stickers for $1.50 each from City Hall during normal business hours. City Hall is open M-F from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Drop-off Site – Free to Champlin Residents w/ID

Disposal at the Maple Grove Yard Waste site continues to be free for Champlin residents with proper identification. The site is open April  through November, weather permitting. The entrance to the site is on Maple Grove Parkway opposite the new 105th Avenue North. The site address is 10300 Maple Grove Parkway N., Maple Grove, MN 55369. Check their website for hours and information at


Hennepin County residents and small businesses can drop off organics for recycling at the Hennepin County Recycling Center in Brooklyn Park. Organics drop off is a great option for event planners using the county’s portable recycling unit loan program. Through the program, event organizers can add recycling and organics collection to their events by borrowing up to 40 units for container (cans and bottles) recycling and up to 20 units for organics recycling. Events using the Portable Recycling Units can arrange to drop off more than five bags of organics. For more information contact Nancy Lo at 612-348-9195.