Elm Creek Parkway – 2018 Reconstruction Project

//Elm Creek Parkway – 2018 Reconstruction Project

Elm Creek Parkway – 2018 Reconstruction Project

The Elm Creek Parkway Improvement Project extends from 109th Avenue North to Goose Lake Parkway.  Traffic has been diverted to single lane head-to-head traffic along Elm Creek Parkway in the construction zone. Construction is scheduled to be completed October 2018, weather permitting.

Elm Creek Parkway construction activities include:

  • Reclaim pavement
  • Bituminous street paving
  • Curb repair and replacement
  • Trail reconstruction, including behind Aspen Circle
  • Storm sewer extensions

To receive project email updates contact Kurt Bearinger at kbearinger@wsbeng.com with “Elm Creek Parkway Improvement Updates” in the subject line. If you have questions about the project please call the Champlin Project Hotline at 763-231-4842.

JULY 18, 2018

The street and trails were reclaimed yesterday. The contractor will be removing excess reclaimed aggregate from the street and hauling it to the Charest Area. This work will have some impact at intersections, where there may be a slight delay.

JUNE 29, 2018

The grading contractor is currently preparing to pave the road and has tentative schedule to start next week. The excess street material is being placed on the median sidewalk.

May 29, 2018

City water will be turned off occasionally for the remainder of the week during hydrant re-routing and replacements. The water will be off for four to five hours at a time.

May 18, 2018 

Construction will shift traffic to single-lane, head-to-head on the existing southbound lanes of Elm Creek Parkway from 109th Avenue North to Goose Lake Parkway beginning today.

May 14, 2018 

Construction work on Elm Creek Parkway was initiated May 14, 2018 with the construction of a short segment of temporary road. Traffic will be placed single lane head to head next week on the existing southbound lanes.

APRIL 26, 2018

The Elm Creek Parkway Reconstruction Project was authorized for advertisement of bids.  The bid opening was held on April 3, 2018.  This project will be constructed jointly with the 2018 Street Reconstruction Project, Charest Woodlawn Addition.