What are the advantages of a watch group?
  • First, you'll get to know your neighbors better. With everyone watching the neighborhood for suspicious situations and potential criminals, your neighborhood will automatically become a safer place.
  • It is easy for the police to get timely information to citizens through Watch groups. We can contact one person and reach many. 
  • The Crime Prevention Officer also brings along a "grid" report showing the recent crime activity in your area.
  • Watch groups help the police help you by getting information to us in a timely manner. There are only so many police officers and we need group ears and eyes to do our job.
  • Neighborhood Watch takes only a small commitment from you. A commitment to oppose crime in your neighborhood by cooperating with neighbors to watch your area and let the police know what is going on.
  • By working together we can keep Champlin a very safe place to live. Contact the Champlin Police Department by calling 763-421-2971.

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1. How do you start?
2. How formal is this organization?
3. Will this be very time consuming?
4. Do the meetings need to be specific Neighborhood Watch program meetings?
5. What kinds of programs can be conducted for watch groups?
6. What are the advantages of a watch group?