D.C. Chandler Park

Construction Duration: October 2023 - June 2024DC Chandler Park October 2023

As a continuation of the Mississippi Crossings development project, City Council approved an expansion of the parking lot at D.C. Chandler Park. The work includes the construction of a parking lot with 112 additional spaces and installation of landscaping, irrigation, lighting, and trails. The contractor completed tree removal and grading in October 2023.  They also removed the existing pavement and tennis courts. Due to cold temperatures and early snowfall, work at D.C. Chandler paused. Curb work and paving will take place in 2024 along with final topsoil, grade, and seed. Please note, the park and surrounding area will be closed all winter (including pedestrian traffic), barricades will remain in place. View the map below. 

A view of the D.C. Chandler Parking Lot Project.