Three Rivers Park District Trail Project

Construction Duration: Late April - Mid-June

The City of Champlin is working with Three River Park District to realign the multi-use trail on the east side of Elm Creek Park Reserve. In 2012, a land exchange agreement with Three Rivers swapped a parcel of land near the Elm Creek Crossing Bridge with a parcel near the city’s main campus and ice forum. Due to this land swap, the current alignment of the trail is on City property and needs to be relocated to Three Rivers Property. The relocation involves constructing a new trail about 100 feet to the west of the existing trail. A figure of the trail relocation is shown below. The contractor plans to begin construction in late April constructing the new trail and first keeping the existing trail in place and open for as long as possible. There will be a few days that there may be interruptions in the trail surfacing prior to completing the connection from the existing trail to the new trail. Please watch for signage along the trail and be cautious through this area during active construction. The anticipated completion date is mid-June. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Parks and Facilities Manager at 763-923-7163 or email Charlie Lehn.

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