Elm Creek Parkway Improvement Project No. 22201

Construction Duration: July - September 2022

Elm Creek Parkway traffic will experience an eastbound lane shift through July 22, 2022.    A view of the June 3 Traffic Shift on Elm Creek Pkwy for westbound closure. Opens in new window

As of June 3, traffic on Elm Creek Parkway shifted to the eastbound lanes, with one lane in either direction, and westbound lanes will be closed through July 2022.  Access to residential streets will be maintained and the trail is open. 

Tree removals are scheduled June 6-10 with replacement in the fall. 

*Elm Creek Parkway between Goose Lake Parkway and Lakeside Trail/Parkside Trail plans to be closed for 30 days in August 2022. View our closure and detour plans.*

Elm Creek Parkway was originally constructed in 1987. The roadway has been deteriorating over time, due to traffic loading, general wear and tear,  subgrade and drainage issues due to frost susceptible soils and other deficiencies.  Extensive pothole repair and patching have been completed in recent years. The roadway is planned to be improved in 2022, consisting of  street reconstruction and utility improvements between Goose Lake Parkway and Jefferson Highway.

General Project Information