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JULY 12, 2019

Curb and topsoil removals occurred this week in stage one of the project. Topsoil was being removed to create space for construction of the new curb.  The topsoil is being stockpiled off site and will be brought back to the project during restoration.

Construction in state two of the project will be starting early next week.

JULY 3, 2019

Crews completed sanitary sewer work this week in stage one of the project.  They also reconstructed a fire hydrant and completed some street grading work.

No construction activities are scheduled until next week. Have a great Independence Day celebration and weekend, and be safe.

JUNE 28, 2019

Sanitary and storm sewer crews were busy in stage one of the project area this week installing pipe and other service structures. The contractor also completed their work on the area’s fire hydrants.

Crews will not be working in the stage two area of the project until after the Fourth of July.

CenterPoint Energy finished their gas service work this week in the stage three area. Future work is not scheduled in this area until the end of July or early August.

JUNE 21, 2019

Construction crews were very busy this week in the 120th Avenue Area. In stage one of the project, crews started reconstructing sanitary sewers on Pribble Street and the south end of Quebec Avenue. This work involves excavation down the center of the street.  On Monday, crews will reconstruct several hydrants along Ludwig Avenue, Pribble Street, and Heard Avenue (between Quebec and Winnetka). Water will be shut off for residents adjacent to these streets from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  We ask that residents draw water on Sunday if water is needed during the day on Monday. In stage two, Centerpoint Energy finished their gas line work.  Within stage three, gas line work was completed on 120th Avenue but Centerpoint Energy has more work to complete along 119th Avenue.

Enjoy the first weekend of summer!

JUNE 14, 2019

Stage 1 Area:

The contractor removed concrete curb and the ends of driveways this week on Pribble St., Ludwig Ave., and Heard Ave. The “reclaiming” process has begun on Pribble St, and Ludwig Ave. This process includes the use of a large “reclaimer” machine that grinds up the top layer of the street. The ground up pavement will later be used as base layer for the new pavement. Residents are reminded to stay clear of the work area whenever possible.

Stage 2 Area:

CenterPoint Energy finished their service work on Louisiana Ave this week. They will be moving to 120th Ave west of Pennsylvania Ave next. CenterPoint has completed the relocation of gas main throughout the entire project.

JUNE 7, 2019

There will be no work within the project area outside of tree removals for the remainder of the week. Street work in stage 1 is scheduled to begin next Tuesday.

Enjoy Father Hennepin Days! The 120th Ave Area Project will not affect the parade.

MAY 31, 2019

CenterPoint Energy has begun their gas main project in stage 1 of the project area.  CenterPoint’s contractor has delivered door hangers with project information and contacts. Residents should reach out to these contacts if gas main questions come up. The gas main work is occurring along Pribble Street, Heard Avenue, Quebec and Pennsylvania Avenue.

This week in stage 2, survey crews marked storm sewer locations along the curb in preparation for CenterPoint’s gas main work. CenterPoint is scheduled to continue their work in stage 2 next week. Survey crews will continue marking storm sewer location in stage 3 along 120th Ave early next week.

MAY 23, 2019

The city’s contractor has divided the project into three stages of construction.  Their intent is to concentrate construction in one area until a significant portion of the work is complete prior to starting work in another area.  Throughout construction, different sub-contractors will be completing different tasks concurrently in all three project areas.  Please click link below to find out an approximate timeframe when construction will be occurring on your street:

Project Staging

The city’s contractor will be starting their street rehabilitation work after Memorial Day.  Prior to that, CenterPoint Energy will be relocating gas mains throughout the project area from under the street to behind the curb. Their work consists of installing a new gas main through the non-invasive method of directional boring. This method uses a machine (see image) to push the new pipe into the ground in a straight line along the curb. The city’s contractor will remove the existing gas main from under the street during construction. CenterPoint Energy’s contractor drives red trucks and has been identifying property lines with white paint in areas where they will be installing new gas mains. Other underground utilities are also being located with paint and flags so the contractor knows where they are safe to excavate.  Not all project streets will have the gas main relocated.  CenterPoint Energy will contact residents if there are going be any disturbances in gas service.

Weather conditions impact construction schedules. Throughout construction, specific dates given more than two days ahead of time are likely to change. The contractor has provided the following TENTATIVE SCHEDULE:

  • Stage 1:
    • CenterPoint Energy – May 22nd
    • Street work – May 31st
  • Stage 2:
    • CenterPoint Energy – June 3rd
    • Street work – June 24th
  • Stage 3:
    • CenterPoint Energy – June 17th
    • Street work – July 30th

MAY 3, 2019

Click link below to view the Power Point from the May 2, 2019, 120th Avenue Area, Information Meeting.

2019.05.02 – Construction Information Meeting

On May 2nd we held an informational meeting on the project regarding construction impacts and issues. Please click the link below view the Q&A document that resulted from the conversation we had with residents at the meeting:

Public Information Meeting Q&A

The project involves two different street construction processes:

  1. Street Rehabilitation with Curb and Gutter Reconstruction
  2. Street Rehabilitation with Curb Patchwork

Although a lot of the work is similar, there are fairly different impacts to the adjacent residents.  Where the curb is removed and replaced is more impactful then areas that are reclaimed and paved. Please click link below to view the project information sheet that was handed out at the May 2nd informational meeting and provides full project details:

Project Information Sheet

APRIL 25, 2019

You are invited to a public information meeting regarding the 120th Avenue Area Street Improvement Project. The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 6:00 pm, at Champlin City Hall.  It will consist of a short overview presentation followed by question and answer session with contractors and City officials.   Project information sheets will also be handed out for you to take home.

If you are unable to attend and would like to be added to the email list for project updates, please send an email to with “120th Ave Area Street Improvements Update” in the subject line.  If you have questions about the project, please call the questions hotline at (763) 762-2864.  Real-time updates will also be posted on the City of Champlin Facebook page.

April 11, 2019

Below is information that includes a project description, map, and details about our construction phases.  A project information meeting will be held in a few weeks where a detailed schedule and additional construction information will be presented.  We will share meeting details once plans have been finalized.  The project is anticipated to begin in late-April or early-May 2019.

APRIL 10, 2019

City Council awarded the construction contract for the 2019 Street Improvement Project No. 21901, to the low bidder, Douglas Kerr, LLC, in the amount of $3,446,981.23.  Douglas Kerr, LLC, has recently completed two similar projects within the City of Champlin.

The project is anticipated to begin in late-April or early-May 2019.

DECEMBER 11, 2018

The Public Hearing for the proposed 2019 Street Reconstruction Project was held on

December 10, 2018.  City Council Authorized Preparation of Plans and Specifications for these improvements:

  • Reclaim and Pave – All residential streets within the project area.
  • Widen 120th Avenue between Winnetka Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue, for parking on both sides of the street.
  • Widen Louisiana Avenue for parking on both sides of the street.
  • Alternating street light pattern with 13 additional street lights.
  • Storm sewer improvements as identified.
  • Eliminated the concrete sidewalk identified for the north side of 120th Avenue.


DECEMBER 6, 2018

Feasibility Report for 2019 Street Improvement Project No. 21901