Odd-Even Sprinkling Ordinance

The mandatory odd/even-sprinkling ban becomes effective May 1st and continues through Labor Day each year. The City’s policy is to restrict the use of lawn sprinklers, through the use of an odd/even system. The ordinance prohibits watering of lawns, trees, or shrubs between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

  • Odd numbered addresses may water on Odd calendar days only.
  • Even numbered addresses may water on Even calendar days only
  • The day Begins at midnight and ends at midnight.
  • You cannot sprinkle between 10AM and 7PM.

You live at 123 Champlin Lane: You may sprinkle on May 17th, beginning at midnight and up until 10AM. If you prefer to water in the evening, you may also sprinkle on May 17th, beginning at 7PM and up until midnight.

Please, follow the Sprinkling Restrictions. First violation of the ordinance will result in a written warning. The second and each subsequent violation of the ordinance will result in an excess usage fee of $75 per day.

  • Customers observed watering outside of the restrictions will be notified in person (if present) and will receive violations by mail.
  • You may hand-water ANYTIME!
  • New sod and seed is exempt for four weeks only.
  • Children can run in the sprinkler anytime, but please do not leave the sprinkler running. Abuse of this privilege may result in additional restrictions. We do not want a sprinkling ban any more than you do.
  • Owners of private irrigation wells must register with the City on an annual basis. Please contact The Champlin Utilities Department @ 763.421.0154 to schedule an appointment to inspect your irrigation well.