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Mayor & City Council

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Mayor & City Council

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Champlin City Government
Champlin is legally established under the laws of Minnesota. It is governed by a Mayor who serves a two-year term and four council members who serve four-year terms. City elections coincide with the general election held in the fall of even-numbered years.

The City Council is the policy making body of city government. It is the responsibility of the Mayor and City Council to make legislative decisions based upon the power and duties of the City as prescribed by State Statute. The Mayor is the presiding officer and a regular member of the City Council and has all the powers and duties of a council member in addition to those of Mayor.

Major areas of council authority and responsibility:

  • To judge the qualification and election of its own members and to set and interpret rules governing its own proceedings.
  • To exercise all the powers of cities which the law does not delegate to some specific official or to an independent board or commission.
  • To legislate for the city, and to direct the enforcement of city ordinances.
  • To appoint administrative personnel and appoint or approve the appointment of individuals to administrative, advisory boards, and commissions.
  • To transact city business including the city's intergovernmental affairs.
  • To manage the city's financial operations which includes the levying of taxes, preparation of budgets, auditing expenditures, borrowing money and designation of depositories.
  • To protect the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.
  • To provide community leadership.

City Council Meetings
City Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. The Council also meets as a Committee of the Whole as needed prior to the regular meeting. Both meetings are cable cast live on Channel 16.

Open Forums
The City Council holds an Open Forum during the beginning of each meeting which allows residents an opportunity to address the Council regarding issues or concerns. The issues are generally researched by staff, and a report made to the City Council at their next regular meeting.

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(763) 421-8100
fax: (763) 421-5256