Elm Creek Flood Control Improvements & Floodplain Map Revision Status

//Elm Creek Flood Control Improvements & Floodplain Map Revision Status

Elm Creek Flood Control Improvements & Floodplain Map Revision Status

Elm Creek Flood Control Improvements & Floodplain Map Revision Status

 Re: Status of FEMA Flood Study / Elm Creek Floodplain

The City of Champlin has completed the final stages of the Elm Creek Dam project and Flood Control improvements. At this time, the Elm Creek Dam is essentially complete and operating. The City has also completed the flood control berm in Elm Creek Park Reserve. Prior to the Elm Creek Dam construction, the City conducted a Flood Study on the Elm Creek, which determined the new flood boundaries after the completion of the dam and other flood control improvements. The Elm Creek Flood Study was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the MN DNR.  At this point, FEMA has issued a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) to the City for the Elm Creek, projecting the new flood boundaries.

The City has submitted the application to FEMA for the final Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) for the Elm Creek Floodplain. The LOMR application will provide certification that the Elm Creek Dam and other flood control improvements have been completed according to FEMA standards. It is expected that FEMA (on their time table) will provide notice of the LOMR approval to the City of Champlin. FEMA has requested that the City send out an additional notice of Floodplain changes, there for affected residents will receive an official notification letter regarding the floodplain revisions and the proposed LOMR. Attached is a copy of the Floodplain Boundaries Map. Link attach Floodplain Boundary Map

It is expected that the approved LOMR will initiate the final revision to the Flood Insurance Rate Map by FEMA. The LOMR will be the evidence a property owner will provide to their Lender and Insurance Provider indicating that their property is no longer in the flood hazard area. Our past experience with FEMA requests is that they do not respond quickly. Therefore, the City does not anticipate a response from FEMA until later in 2017.

 Commonly asked questions:

 Question #1:                What is a LOMR?

 Answer:                      LOMR is a Letter of Map Revision. This document is issued by FEMA as an approval of floodplain modifications and will result in revisions to the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM).

Question #2:                How will I know if my property is impacted by the new Elm Creek flood study?

Answer:                      The attached Floodplain Map identifies the affected properties. Also, the City will contact property owners once the LOMR is approved.

 Question #3:                When will affected residents be able to drop their flood insurance?

Answer:                      After the LOMR is approved by FEMA and your insurance provider agrees with the findings. Also,    your lender and insurance provider may request individual survey records specific to your home. This would be a responsibility of the home owner to provide all necessary information to their insurance provider. Note that each property owner will need to work directly with their own insurance provider.

Question #4:                Will there be a reimbursement for flood insurance premiums for the year 2016?

Answer:                      Contact your insurance provider, as this is a question that only they can answer.


If you have additional questions regarding the Elm Creek Dam, Flood Reduction Improvements or the LOMR process, please contact Todd Tuominen 763-923-7120 or e-mail ttuominen@ci.champlin.mn.us