Rental Licensing Program

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Rental Licensing Program

The City of Champlin has a rental licensing and inspections program to ensure that rental property doesn’t become blight on neighborhoods. Poorly maintained or poorly managed rental property can be a disincentive for homeowners to reinvest in their properties.
Owning and operating rental housing is a business and the City requires owners of rental property to secure a license to operate that business. As a part of the license requirement an inspection is done to ensure the property is safe, secure and sanitary not only for the tenant but for the community.

All residential rental property in Champlin is required to be licensed annually and inspected on a regular schedule. The Code Enforcement Officer licenses and inspects rental properties in the Community. Apartment complexes over four housing units are also inspected by the Anoka/Champlin Fire Department.

The Mn State Attorney General has a booklet for landlords and tenants. “Landlord & Tenants: Rights and Responsibilities”. This booklet can be downloaded and printed at no charge.

Rental Licensing Ordinance
Rental License Application – Apartment
Rental License Application – Single Family Home, Duplex, Triplex, Four-plex
License Applicant Acknowledgement Form
Rental Housing Checklist