Mississippi Crossings Redevelopment Area

  • The Mississippi Crossings area straddles Highway 169 and abuts the Mississippi River south of the historic Anoka-Champlin bridge. The area sits at the north end of the six-mile Mississippi River Recreational Pool.
  • In the mid-1800’s, the Crossings was a landing area for migrating steamboats and home to the Anoka-Champlin ferry service. In the 1900’s, the area blossomed into a vibrant central business district surrounded by growing neighborhoods. More recently, the Crossings has consisted of obsolete commercial structures, dilapidated apartment buildings and vacant lots. Since 1980, the area has seen limited re-investment, declining tax base while city services have grown.
  • In 1999, a 26-member citizen task force recommended the City rejuvenate the Mississippi riverfront and old business district. Since, the City has identified and adopted a Redevelopment Plan articulated through a community planning process charged with shaping the area’s future. Besides the historic, cultural and geographical significances, the site offers panoramic views of the Twin Cities region.
  • Based on the redevelopment plan, the City acquired and razed key properties in the area, including eight apartment buildings. Many of these properties were purchased during a soft real estate market at assessed market values. Eminent domain was not used in the acquisition of properties.
  • The Mississippi Crossings Redevelopment Plan calls for the development of an estimated 450 new rooftops, 185,000 square feet of commercial space while expanding the public’s view and use of the Mississippi River.  The Plan is a fluid document that serves as a development guide which is expected to be adjusted with community and market interests.
  • In 2014, the City hired a real estate firm, DTZ, to market the site.  You can view their marketing information at www.mississippicrossings.cassidyturleysites.com
  • The Redevelopment Plan recommends $10.4 million in roadway improvements including $8.1 million in Trunk Highway 169 improvements that would improve safety, congestion and access. The City is actively seeking state and federal funding.
  • To better understand the market for potential uses, the City commissioned Marquette Advisors to prepare a market study.
  • For more information on the Mississippi Crossings, contact John Cox, Deputy City Administrator at (763) 923-7104 or jcox@ci.champlin.mn.us.market study