Weight Restrictions:

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Effective Friday, February 17, 2017, at 12:01 a.m. Spring Load Restrictions (SLR) are posted on all City streets. The maximum load is four-ton (4) per axle.  Vehicles exceeding four tons per axle will not be allowed on City streets without a permit. Permits may be issued for loads up to five (5) tons per axel. Permitted vehicles are required to have the permit in the vehicle when operating on city streets.

Emergency and service vehicles such as fire trucks, utility service vehicles and garbage trucks are not required to obtain a permit.

Permits are issued on a daily basis.  The permit fee is $20 per vehicle, plus $.50 per load per site. To obtain a permit; cash or check payment, along with a signed liability form for street damage is required before a permit is released.  You may apply for a permit at City Hall, or you may call City Hall at 763.421.1955.  A permit will be faxed or e-mailed from City Hall upon payment of the fee and the liability form completed.  Permit information required includes the license plate number of the vehicle entering the permit area, owner and address, applicant, type of vehicle, material being hauled, route/destination, and number of loads. The permit must remain in your vehicle while you are in the permitted area.

City streets in which five ton axel loads are allowed without a permit are indicated below and on the attached city map.

  1. French Lake Road from Elm Creek Crossing to Dayton Road
  2. Miller Road
  3. Dean Avenue from T.H. 169 to Dowlin Street
  4. Gettysburg Avenue from 123rd Avenue to Hayden Lake Road
  5. 123rd Avenue North
  6. Ensign Avenue North
  7. Champlin Drive from Hayden Lake Road to Elm Creek Parkway
  8. 120th Avenue North from Champlin Drive to Business Park Boulevard
  9. 117th Avenue North from Champlin Drive to Business Park Boulevard
  10. Theatre Drive
  11. Elm Creek Parkway from Champlin Drive to T.H. 169
  12. Jefferson Highway from Elm Creek Parkway to 109th Avenue
  13. West River Road from TH169 to East Hayden Lake Road
  14. Business Park Boulevard from Hayden Lake Road to 114th Avenue
  15. 114th Avenue from T.H. 169 to Business Park Boulevard
  16. 109th Avenue from Goose Lake Road to Zealand Avenue
  17. 109th Avenue from Winnetka Avenue to West River Road
  18. Douglas Court east of Douglas Drive
  19. Colorado Avenue from 109th Avenue to 110th Avenue
  20. 110th Avenue from Douglas Drive to Colorado Avenue
  21. Brittany Drive from Edgewood Circle to Douglas Drive
  22. Commerce Drive (Private)
  23. Commerce Lane (Private)
  24. Jefferson Court (Private)
  25. Zealand Avenue from 109th Avenue to north end (Private)

Whenever overweight vehicles leave Hennepin County or State roadways, the person responsible for the vehicle must possess a permit from the City.

Please contact the Champlin Engineering Department if you have any questions.