2014-2015 Goals & Priorities

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“From Vision to Implementation”

 Each year, the City Council establishes goals and priorities as areas of focus/action for the next two years.  The goals and priorities established by staff/Council for 2014/2015 are broken down into four areas of emphasis as follows:

  • Budget/Financial Management
  • Economic Development/Redevelopment
  • Transportation
  • Provision of City Services


 The City recognizes the importance of sound financial planning and management.

  1. Update the Financial Management Plan (FMP) Including:
  • Anticipated Legislative Impacts
    • Levy Limits
    • Fiscal Disparities
    • LGA
  1. Finalize Street Light Infrastructure Replacement Funding Plan.
  • Street Light Fee
  • Property Tax Amendment
  1. Implement Electronic Transaction System (credit card/debit card/electronic check) for payment of City services
  1. Develop a long-term plan to reduce the City’s dependence on the fiscal disparities program for operations.
  1. Update pro forma statements for all infrastructure accounts. Correlate long-term funding options with projected capital needs.
  • Capital Improvements – Streets
  • Capital Equipment
  • Park Reserve
  • Ice Forum
  • Street Light Infrastructure
  • Storm Sewer
  1. Develop a long-term funding plan for the Mill Pond Gables that includes the replacement of aging building infrastructure.


The City recognizes the importance of planning for responsible and sustainable development while fostering the ongoing relationships with our existing business community.


  1. Market and Identify Developers/Partners for Lead Project
  1. Coordinate Master Development Plan and Project Budget
  1. Identify Funding for Infrastructure Improvements
  1. Consider Remaining Property Acquisitions – Latter Phases


The City recognizes the importance of both local and regional transportation planning.

  1. Hayden Lake Road/West River Road Improvement Project
  1. Secure Funding and Coordinate Elm Creek Dam Reconstruction and Flood Mitigation Improvements
  1. South Diamond Lake Road/Depue Avenue Reconstruction/Dayton Road and Mississippi View Estates Improvement Project
  1. Identify and Implement Solicitation Strategy for TH 169 Improvements     Associated with Mississippi Crossings
  1. Implement Phase III of Andrews Park Improvement Project
  1. Monitor Area Development Projects and Impact on Both Regional and       Local Transportation Systems


 The City recognizes the importance of providing cost-effective municipal services that specifically address the delicate balance between financial resources and Council and resident expectations.



  1. 2015 Budget Process
  2.          Continued Adherence to Financial Management Plan
  3. Analyze Legislative Uncertainties Associated with Tax Capacity/Levy Limits/Fiscal Disparities
  4. Balance Resident Service Expectations with City Council Directed Budget Property Tax Allocations
  1. Implement an Electronic Communication System (email blast) to update/inform residents regarding specific aspects of our municipal services
  1. Completion of Employee Contract Negotiations


  1. Mississippi Crossings
  2.          Market and Identify Developers/Partners for Lead Project
  3.          Coordinate Master Development Plan and Project Budget
  4. Secure Funding for Roadway Improvements
  5. Consider Remaining Property Acquisitions – Latter Phases
  1. Housing
  2. Coordinate Residential Developments (Northwest Planning Area)
  3. Market and Sell Remaining City-owned Lot
  4. Explore Opportunities for a Workforce Housing Project
  1. Building/Municipal Campus
  2. Convert Building Files to Laserfiche
  3. Implement a Reduced Backflow Pressure Zone Program
  4. Coordinate Solar Energy Panel Installation
  1. Planning & Zoning
  2. Draft and Adopt Wetland Ordinance with enforcement provisions
  1. Code Enforcement
  2. Manage and Improve Code Enforcement, Rental Licensing and Vacant Building Registration Programs
  3.          Integrate Programs with City’s Geographical Information System
  1. Business Relations/Development
  2. Host Business Forums to strengthen business relations
  3.          Track and Promote Available Commercial and Industrial Space
  4. Develop Marketing Plan to Attract Business and Development


            See Strategic Goal #1 (Budget/Financial Management)



  1. Continue to monitor the measurable results of our services including patrol response times, traffic safety (crashes and injuries), investigative clearance rates, and community problems that extend beyond criminal activity. As resources allow, adjust operations and services according to changes in measurable outcomes.
  1. Continue to identify areas where our enforcement, public contacts, or approachability can be more flexible and/or proactive. This includes continuation or expansion of bike patrol, use of mobile alarm, or diversion of resources to targeted enforcement.
  1. Improve the functioning of our Investigative Division through increased supervisory time (2015 Budget) and record system improvements. This division conducts case prioritization, case follow-up, case management, criminal investigations, and liaison with crime victims, schools, businesses and multi housing communities.
  1. Identify new and additional means of community outreach and communication which can be performed with available resources. These may include expanded community meetings, crime alert network technologies, and/or social media.


  1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  1. 2014 NPDES Permit Reinstatement Ordinances and Policies, Improvement Project No. 21404
  1. Mill Pond Fishery Restoration Improvement Project
  1. Complete Analysis of SCADA System Upgrades for Water Treatment Plant
  1. Coordinate Media Replacement Project at Water Treatment Plant #1


  1. Implement and Analyze Splash Pad Operations
  • Group Rental and Occupancy Policy
  1. Coordinate Close-Out of Andrews Park Phase II Improvement Project and Provide Proposed Phase III Improvement Recommendations for Council Consideration
  1. Continue to Work With Youth Sports Organizations to Analyze Future Facility Needs (Lacrosse, Gym Space, Dome)
  1. Develop Financial Pro-Forma for New Concession Stand Operations at Andrews Park that Detail Findings Both With and Without Proposed Alcohol Sales
  1. Monitor 2014 Facility Use Policy Amendments and Make Recommendations for Council Consideration
  1. Develop Master Plan for “The Landing/Public Plaza” in Mississippi Crossings Area Including Municipal Docks.  Both Capital and Operating Budgets Should be Established
  1. Identify Alternative Revenue Opportunities to Enhance Long-Term Financial Stability of Park Reserve and Ice Forum
  1. Evaluate Recreation Programs and Events to Insure Optimum Fiscal Efficiency
  1. Reanalyze Snow Removal and Ice Control Operations in Consideration of Anticipated Regulation Amendments Related to Reducing Use of Calcium Chloride (Salt) on Roadway Systems
  1. Consider Feasibility Study to Review Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan
  1. Identify Capital and Operating Resource Allocations for Implementation of Mississippi Crossings Redevelopment Plan


  1. Administer a successful 2014 Primary and General Election, including the integration of the new absentee voting rules.
  2. Enhance the City’s communications efforts, including co-designing the website design improvements tied to the 2014 website technology changes currently being evaluated.
  3. Carry forward the 2014 Goals and Objectives of the Environmental Resources Commission.
  4. Maintain accurate and complete records of all City Council and Economic Development Authority actions.
  1. Process all 2014 business licenses and 2015 applications ensuring compliance with all City requirements while expressing a pro-business attitude.
  1. Initiate the Scanning of the Building Department Property Address Files in the Fourth Quarter of 2014 with Completion Scheduled for the First Quarter of 2015

 FIRE DEPARTMENT:           

  1. Implement an Officer process for all Paid On-Call positions.
  1. Provide and support an effective Code Enforcement/Public Education Program.
  1. Implement the GIS Response and Tracking Program that began in 2013.


Public Interest/ Mill Pond Water Quality Improvements

As a result of the public interest in the environmental and recreational opportunities for the Mill Pond, the City is reviewing alternatives to improve the water quality and the mean depth of the three bays that make up the Mill Pond. The City wide survey in 2012 identified public support for the City to provide improvements to the Mill Pond, which would also accomplish environmental goals identified in our Surface Water Management Plan. Further, it is in the public interest to explore the potential of removing the sediments and sand substrate from the Mill Pond in coordination with development projects to reduce City cost and improve opportunities for the development of property located in the Elm Creek Crossings area that require fill. There is a strong indication that the excess sediments cause biotic and nutrient impairments in shallow marshes such as the Mill Pond.  The sediments likely contribute to the lack of dissolved oxygen identified in the Mill Pond.

Mill Pond Fishery Restoration and Habitat Improvements

In 2013, the City completed testing of the sediments in the Mill Pond with positive results. The upper 4 feet of sediment is suitable to be used for fill on any site (residential and industrial). Sediment excavation will not require special permits issued by the MPCA. Therefore, cost sharing opportunities can be explored based on these results.

The development of the base habitat map has been completed. Ultimately, the City will need to develop a draft grading plan to estimate improvement costs. In moving forward, the City would be required to draft an Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) and a Mill Pond Fishery Restoration plan (Draft) for table top discussions with regulating agencies. The development of the project through the EAW will provide the City with a greater understanding of project requirements and cost. Also, the City would be in a position to review grant opportunities and develop potential cost share agreements with developers.